What is Qball Meditation & How Can It Help Me

What is Qball Meditation & How Can It Help Me?

The health benefits of Meditation are well known and scientifically proven. Over 18 million people in the U.S. meditate regularly.

Scientists believe that the mental and physical benefits provided by meditation are attributed to synchronized brain waves. Our brains work and communicate using electrical charges that operate at different speeds measured in hertz. Slow brain waves work when we sleep or relax. Fast waves work when we are awake and conscious. Really fast brain waves called Gamma Waves work when we are on high alert and our brains are working to their full potential.

Monks who have mastered meditating can switch on the Gamma Waves. It is done through conscious control. It takes a lot of time and practice to master this skill, but the benefits are enormous.

The Dalai Lama spends 4 hours each day meditating. It is the only scientifically known method to consciously control them. Until now that is. It turns out that fast Gamma Waves are just that, fast. So they can be turned on by forcing the brain to work fast.

It is also true that the majority of the cells in our brain are dedicated to movement with another 15% dedicated to vision. By doing hand-eye coordination exercises fast, Gamma Waves can be activated throughout most of the brain.

Gamma Waves work like an antidepressant, you will just feel better. They also give you greater awareness, better memory, faster thinking and increased focus. Once you start Gamma Waves working, they persist. How do you start them you ask? Train with the Qball.

The Qball is a solid rubber reaction ball with a moderately erratic bounce. Originally it was designed to train hand-eye coordination, vision and fast reactions for sports, but after training sessions, it became clear it had many more benefits.

Athletes began to notice all the benefits associated with Gamma Waves. With further research, we discovered why it worked. Speed.

Our minds and body are built to move. By using the Qball to train fast reactions, the brain starts to increase its internal speed and Gamma Waves are used. This aligns the eyes, mind and body to what their naturally designed to do, move fast. With practice, inducing Gamma Waves gets easier. Just bounce and catch 2 Qballs to waist height, alternating hands, as fast as you can. You control the speed, so the exercise keeps you at the best of your ability and keeps getting harder as you improve. Just try to go faster and faster.

We layer on difficulty to this first exercise, by moving, blinking or patching an eye. Next, we have people not look at the Qballs, but track them with their peripheral vision. After that we have them only watch 1 of the Qballs while bouncing 2. This forces them to switch their attention systems from direct vision to peripheral vision, really quickly. With all these exercises, we try to keep them challenging by constantly going faster.

To engage the brain’s frontal cortex and improve working memory, we layer some thinking tasks on top of the physical bouncing and catching. We have people count the number of bounces, first verbally and then visually. If they sing a familiar song like “Happy Birthday” while bouncing and counting, they must use their visual imagination to keep count. They create a picture of the numbers counted as if they were printed on a piece of paper. This adds discipline to their imagination. They must imagine at the speed of the Qballs. It’s not easy, but the brain can handle it.

The benefit of using the Qballs over meditation, is that it is easy to learn and the results are fast. Gamma Waves start in minutes as opposed to hours. Not everyone can master meditating, but most people can bounce and catch a ball. Using the Qballs even 5 minutes a day has lasting benefits. Using them for short sessions throughout the day is even better. Go at your own pace.

Get some Qballs today and let us know your story.

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