Why Vision Training is Vital to Athletic Programs

Vision is important in any sport. Being able to see better means an athlete can catch, hit, and react faster and more accurately, which makes vision training an essential component in any athlete’s routine.

Like a muscle, vision can be trained to become stronger, faster, and more accurate. The more difficulty you add to your training session, the more you strengthen your visual field.  As with most exercises and drills, overtraining improves skills even more, making difficult situations seem easy. By overtraining your vision, you’ll be able to see and react faster, which in this way, slows down the game and gives you more time to react to what’s around you.

How to Improve Vision Training in Your Program

With a moderately erratic bounce, Qball allows a player to bounce them repeatedly very fast without having to chase them all over the place, which puts the focus on training your eyes. Try this exercise to train vision and visual tracking:

Bounce two Qballs to waist height alternating hands. Move your eyes between each ball in order to catch it, forcing lateral eye movement and internal focus. The numbers on the ball give a visual reference point. If you can see the numbers on the ball, then you are tracking it properly.  

Now do NOT look at the balls. Simply move your eyes to different parts of your visual field while you bounce and catch the Qballs. Making this simple change forces you to track them using only peripheral vision and strengthens the 99% of your visual field that often times gets neglected.

Difficulty can be added to both these exercises by going fast, moving, balancing or hopping on one leg, or patch an eye with the Qball eye patch to strengthen your vision even more! But by practicing this exercise, you will be able to see and track fast moving objects better. It’s a great way to warm up the eyes and ready them for fast reactions, prior to playing any sport.

How do you currently train your vision or visual tracking? If you use Qball, share your success story below!

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