Traits of Great Athletes

If you were asked to describe what makes an athlete great, how would you respond? Chances are you wouldn’t attribute an athlete’s greatness to one particular skill, such as speed or determination. Rather it would more likely be a combination of traits, that together combined would make up an athlete’s greatness. Here are just a few of the attributes we think every great athlete should possess:

1. Precise Vision:

Excellent vision is a necessity for almost every sport, with some sports relying on it more heavily than others. Sports such as baseball and tennis require precise and accurate vision to keep an athlete’s eye on the ball. Peripheral vision is more important in sports such as football and soccer, where an athlete must constantly track their opponent’s positions. The legendary baseball player Ted Williams was found to have 20/10 vision, and is regarded as one of the greatest baseball players in history.

2. Impeccable Coordination:

Coordination is the foundation upon which many sports are built, and it is often the distinguishing characteristic of some of the world’s greatest athletes. Michael Jordan’s exceptional hand-eye coordination helped him become one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His ability to consistently shoot the ball into the net is a result of finely tuned hand-eye coordination. Nearly every sport that revolves around a ball requires exceptional hand-eye coordination.

3. Quick Reflexes:

Most great athletes have quick reflexes and amazing reaction times. To this day Muhammad Ali is revered for his quick and precise reflexes in the boxing ring. Boxers must quickly and accurately anticipate and respond to their competitor’s every movement – their entire success in the ring is dependent on it. A boxer must be able to move and react quickly, whether they are throwing a jab themselves or avoiding a left hook.

4. Fast Thinking:

Fast thinking and quick mental processing speed are the hallmarks of a great athlete. The ability of an athlete to sense an incoming stimulus and respond quickly and effectively is one of the most valued traits in sports. The Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady exemplifies the role that fast thinking and quick decision-making play in athletics. Brady must quickly and accurately decide which receiver to throw to, while under extreme pressure and with very little time to make a decision. The entire play depends on his ability to make the right decision quickly and effectively.

5. Focus:

While this skill may not be as impressive as lightning-fast fast speed or superhuman strength, the ability to focus is necessary for any great athlete. Have you ever watched Roger Federer in the middle of a big match? The focus and determination is clearly evident on his face. To excel at any sport an individual must be fully focused and engaged. Golf is one sport that exemplifies the important role that focus plays in athletics. While not an extremely active sport, golf requires players to maintain intense focus and be able to block out the surrounding commotion while on the green.

The Qball is a fun and easy tool that anyone can use to exercise and enhance these core aspects of sports. The Qball was specifically designed to train hand-eye coordination, reflexes, vision, mentally processing speed and focus.

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