Qball: The best way to train eye hand coordination

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Introducing The Qball:

The Qball is a solid rubber reaction ball with an erratic bounce that can be bounced and caught by one person. No two bounces are the same, so a person must watch and react to every bounce.

Qball trains eye hand coordination

Bouncing and catching the Qball trains eye hand coordination, vision and fast reactions. These translate into real life skills useful in everyday activities. Athletes gain speed, agility and fast reactions. Students improve their vision and coordination. Adults reduce the impact of aging on their mental decline. People with vision or certain cognitive disorders regain mind body skills once lost.

Adapts to individual skill levels

The Qball works for anyone. It challenges people through speed. The faster the more difficult. It adapts to individual skill levels and gets progressively more difficult with improvement. In that way the mind remains fully focused and engaged.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]