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Qball Targets Core Aspects of Vision While nearly everyone is aware of Alzheimer’s disease and the devastating affects that it has on an individual’s memory and cognition, many people are surprised to learn that the disease often...

Here are 5 easy ways to challenge yourself with the Qball and take your training and skills to an all-new level: 1. Speed: The Qball uses speed to challenge an individual and enhance their hand-eye coordination, focus and reaction...

Average IQ is 13% lower today than it was 100 years ago! Research indicates that intelligence is linked to reaction time. Being quick witted, or fast, generally means being smart or intelligent.   The connection between speed and...

How To Reach Maximum Focus & Concentration In Sport

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The Brain shuts down your visual system for many reasons. SPEED is one of them and this is sometimes bad when playing sports.  The Qball can train you to overcome this! The human brain has evolved over thousands of years in a way that...

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