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Qball Targets Core Aspects of Vision While nearly everyone is aware of Alzheimer’s disease and the devastating affects that it has on an individual’s memory and cognition, many people are surprised to learn that the disease often...

You probably wouldn’t be able to guess by looking at it, but the Qball is a tiny tool that is having a big impact on the field of vision therapy. A solid rubber reaction ball with numbers etched on each side, the Qball is being used by...

When I was doing research on the Qball and using it to train fast reactions I suddenly realized that what I was seeing and reacting to was not occurring in real time. When I would bounce and catch the Qball quickly I would watch it and...

Average IQ is 13% lower today than it was 100 years ago! Research indicates that intelligence is linked to reaction time. Being quick witted, or fast, generally means being smart or intelligent.   The connection between speed and...

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