Understanding the Components of Visual Speed Training

Qball: The Perfect Combination of Mental, Visual and Physical Engagement

You probably wouldn’t be able to guess by looking at it, but the Qball is a tiny tool that is having a big impact on the field of vision therapy.

A solid rubber reaction ball with numbers etched on each side, the Qball is being used by vision therapists to help patients who are suffering from vision problems and deficiencies.

The Qball combines the perfect amount of mental, visual and physical stimulation to help patients who need to exercise and train their visual system.

Like many reaction balls, the Qball was originally developed as a training device for athletes.

The erratic bounce of the Qball makes it impossible to predict exactly where it will land.

This helps to train and improve focus, hand eye coordination and reaction times. Bobby Martyn, the inventor of the Qball, wanted to make his reaction ball even more versatile than anything currently on the market by adding numbers on each side.

This allows individuals to engage in fun and challenging mathematical and memory games while exercising their vision and motor skills.

Vision therapy, a burgeoning field within optometry, refers to exercises or activities that improve the functioning of the visual system.

Vision therapists are discovering that the Qball is the perfect addition to their toolkit. The Qball exercises visual and motor skills simultaneously, while also stimulating working memory and cognition.

It can help improve vision problems and disorders such as convergence, strabismus, amblyopia, strengthening the non-dominant eye, non-verbal learning disorders and many others.

The Qball is a simple, effective tool that can help make vision training programs fun and engaging for both therapists and patients.

Qball has also just released a 2nd edition! This new Qball has been build with user feedback in mind. You can now use the QBall indoors and challenge yourself even more as the bounce becomes even more erratic!

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