Playing Catch: The Simple Game that Helps Detect Autism and Vision Problems in Your Child

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Does your child have vision problems?

Each September millions of children across the country head back to the classroom. Sadly, one in ten of these children may find themselves struggling in school. However, many months may pass before it comes to the attention of parents and teachers that a child is having difficulty keeping up with their classmates. Recent research has revealed a simple and easy way to determine if your child may be suffering from a vision problem, or a more serious disorder such as autism or Asperger’s syndrome. It turns out that the simple act of playing catch can reveal a lot about a child’s motor development and visual processing.

Difficulties catching an object

Catching and throwing a ball requires basic hand-eye coordination, focus, depth perception and visual processing. These skills are often impaired in children who are suffering from vision problems, or children who have autism or Asperger’s syndrome. A new study has found that children who have difficulty catching are more likely to have autism. Children with autism are often delayed in meeting motor milestones and tend to score poorly on standard tests of movement. Throwing and catching a ball involves integrating visual and motor cues and deciding upon the best course of action. Children with autism often have difficulties with visual-motor integration, and this can be evident in their social skills and interactions with others.

Improve their child’s motor and visual functioning

The Qball is a simple tool that parents can use to assess and improve their child’s motor and visual functioning. By observing their child playing with the Qball a parent can examine their child’s level of visual-motor integration and note any irregularities or challenges. If a child is consistently having difficulties catching and throwing a ball it may be indicative of a more serious, underlying problem. For children who do suffer from a vision problem or a disorder such as autism or Asperger’s syndrome, the Qball is a fun, easy tool to incorporate into their daily routine to help strengthen and enhance visual-motor integration, hand-eye coordination and focus.

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