Move Fast or Die – Shocking New Research on Living Longer

Fast people with quick reactions live longer. That is the conclusion of scientists from the UK. They studied 5,000 people over a 15 year period and found that those with a slow reaction time were 25% more likely to die before people of average speed.

Researchers are not entirely sure of why this is true, only that the data is clear. Since a reaction starts with what we see and ends with our movements, it is important to train the circuitry between the eyes, brain and body to work fast and efficiently.

So, what can be done to increase reaction speed?

Do exercises that force it to think faster. Playing fast sports or doing activities that require fast movements will do this.

However, what if you don’t have time for sports? What else can be done?

Use a reaction ball, but not just any reaction ball. One that allows you to bounce and catch repeatedly very quickly without having to chase it all over the room.

The Qball was designed with this in mind. It has a moderately erratic bounce. No two bounces are the same, so you must watch and react to each bounce.

It is not too erratic, so you can stand and bounce 1 or 2 Qballs alternating hands very quickly.

Going as fast as you can keep’s the exercise at the best of your ability and as you improve the speed maintains the challenge so your brain is working faster and faster.

Over half the cells in your brain are dedicated to movement. Another 20% are dedicated to vision, so eye-hand coordination exercises with the Qball hit over 70% of your brain.

There is a spillover effect to other parts as well.

The exercises are easy to learn, but difficult to master:

Level 1 – Bounce 1 or 2 Qballs to waist height alternating hands. Watch each ball and try to see the numbers on the ball in the air. This means you are tracking the ball correctly.

Level 2 – Bounce 1 or 2 Qballs like exercise 1, but don’t look at them. Track them using your peripheral vision. Move your eyes around to train all areas of your visual field. Peripheral vision makes up 99% of your visual field, so training it is important.

Level 3 – Bounce 2 Qballs to waist height alternating hands, but only watch 1 ball directly and track the second using peripheral vision. This requires your brain to switch quickly between direct and peripheral vision. It is an important skill, especially for driving a car or playing sports.

Do these exercises for a few minutes several times a day. Your brain will feel like it got a workout. In no time, your reactions will speed up. Faster reactions means faster thinking.

Try the Qball and let us know your story!


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