Qball: brain-exercise

Maintaining the mental challenge is key to any brain exercise

What is Neuroplasticity?

The brain is like a muscle in that it will physically change and strengthen with exercise. There is no age limit. This is called neuroplasticity. Research has shown visible changes in the size and number of brain cells in as little time as 1 week from adults who learned how to juggle. Even though the brain is like a muscle, the type of exercises needed to strengthen it are vastly different. Physical exercise is good for the body, but boring and ineffective for the brain. This is why commercial gyms have TV and music playing while people workout. It attempts to occupy their minds. The simple repetitive movements involved in physical exercise turns the brain off.

Keeping the brain from wandering

For a brain exercise to be effective it must challenge the whole brain. It must push the brain to the best of its ability and beyond, and must constantly increase in difficulty as a person learns and improves. This is the “sweet spot” in brain exercise. If the mind wanders feedback should be immediate..

With more than 50% of the cells in the brain dedicated to movement and an additional 20% dedicated to vision, any good brain exercise must incorporate these 2 elements. Add in speed and you have the perfect mix.

A fully engaged brain

The Qball’s erratic bounce forces a person to watch and react to each and every bounce. No 2 bounces are the same. This trains vision, eye-hand coordination and reaction time. The faster a person bounces the Qball, the more difficult the exercise becomes. This allows a person to control the challenge to the “best of their ability” by going as fast as they possibly can. They will hit their own individual speed limit, but it takes 100% concentration and focus. If this is lost, it will show up immediately in the form of a dropped ball. The Qball exercises require a fully engaged brain that is pushed to improve by going faster and faster.

A brain training tool

Added to these physical exercises are mental challenges layered on top. Counting, moving, patching an eye, and peripheral vision drills all keep the Qball engaging as a brain training tool. The benefits of these exercises translate into real world results that improve daily life. Speed of thinking and reacting are improved, as well as working memory and imagination.

All this from a simple product that is easy to use by anyone, anywhere. Buy the Qball today and try the exercises. It is fun, easy and leads to real results quickly.