Improve Your Reaction Time Using Faster Brain Wave Training

Improve Your Reaction Time Using Faster Brain Wave Training

In 1924 a German Psychiatrist named Hans Berger discovered that our brains have electric pulses that work at different speeds. He called them brain waves.

Brain waves are synchronized electric pulses that flow throughout our brain. Today using modern brain scans, scientists can measure these waves. They have categorized them from fastest to slowest called Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Research from MIT has found that using faster brain waves can accelerate learning and performance. The question is how to induce these fast waves. The answer is to use the Qball. It is a solid rubber reaction ball with a moderately erratic bounce. That means no 2 bounces are the same, so you must watch and react to each bounce. The Qball is not too erratic so 2 Qballs can be bounced and caught alternating hands VERY FAST. The speed is the key. The faster you bounce and catch, the faster your neurons need to fire and it induces fast brain waves.

Speeding up the brain is what the Qball was designed to do. The exercises involve bouncing 2 Qballs to waist height going as fast as you can. Everyone has their own speed limit so it keeps the challenge at the best of your ability. As you improve, you go even faster. It maintains the challenge to keep your mind fully engaged and working as fast as it can.

Using the Qball increases brain wave speeds. Doing Qball exercises for just 2 minutes before learning something new induces fast brain waves to accelerate learning. Every hour, the Qballs should be bounced again for 2 minutes to keep the brain waves at their peak.

The results are amazing. You will learn any new skill faster. Get better at sports, learn a new language, solve math problems. It all happens fast and seems much easier. It also gives your brain a chance to clear out clutter and refocus.

The Qballs also train direct vision, peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination and super fast reflexes. Get some Qballs and see for yourself.

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