Improve Your Athletic performance with Vision Therapy

Have you ever dreamed of that moment of glory when you make the winning score or hit a homerun out of the park? Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a little league player looking to make your first big hit, we are all striving to improve our game. Flawless hand-eye coordination, lightening reflexes and intense focus are all hallmarks of a great athlete. Yet there is one thing that all of these have in common: vision. The legendary football coach Blanton Collier once stated that “the eyes lead the body” and it seems as though the sports world is finally starting to take notice. Top athletes all over the world are now implementing vision therapy into their training regime – and so should you.

Processing of visual information

Vision therapy is a specialized field within Optometry and Ophthalmology that trains the physical exercise of eye movement, and how the brain perceives and processes visual information. Its aim is to improve the function of the visual system, resulting in improved eye-hand coordination, focus and reaction time. These are the very tools you need to become the star athlete of your own team. A simple and easy way to start training your own vision is to incorporate a reaction ball into your daily routine. Reaction balls are solid rubber balls with a slightly erratic bounce, forcing you to stay focused and concentrated while using them. The Qball is the only reaction ball on the market that takes vision training to the next level. Each side of the Qball is etched with a different number, allowing users to participate in interactive and competitive games that exercise your visual memory and mental acuity.

Give your game a competitive edge

Top athletes, NASCAR racers, and military pilots are now relying on vision therapy to step up their game. So while you may never have Roger Federer’s return or Jose Batuista’s batting average, vision therapy may be exactly what you need to give your game that competitive edge and make the winning play.

Now you too can learn to master eye movements to improve your athletic performance. Buy the Qball today and try the exercises. It is fun, easy and leads to real results quickly.