Qball: visual thinking

How to increase your visual thinking speed

Thinking visually

Thinking speed  is synonymous with intelligence. When we say someone is quick, we mean that they are smart. Thinking fast is a skill, but one that is rarely trained or practiced. Part of the reason for this is that there are few known ways to train fast thinking.

Thinking visually is the fastest way humans can think. Next is to think verbally. This is much slower, but we use this type of thinking more often because it matches the speed of our communication. Thinking with emotion or feeling is even slower, and can cause some unwanted consequences such as making wrong decisions based on how we feel at the time.

Just as the speed of light is 900,000 times faster than the speed of sound, thinking visually is that much faster. We are all capable of visual thinking. Most of us switch back and forth between visual, verbal and emotional thinking. However, if we learn to rely on visual thinking first and switch to verbal or emotional thinking only when needed, our ability to think fast will improve dramatically. It opens up more options, allows us to consider more “what if” scenarios and leads to better decisions.

Layered thinking

The Qball has a number of specific exercises to train fast thinking. By layering a thinking exercise on top of a physical exercise like bouncing the Qball, the brain is forced to think at the speed the Qball is bounced. With practice the Qball can be bounced faster and faster, thus increasing our thinking speed. The Qball essentially acts like a timing device.

Exercising your thinking

One exercise that is very effective to improve thinking speed is to bounce the Qball as many times as possible in 1 minute. This requires eye-hand coordination, visual tracking and fast reactions. In addition, counting the number of bounces requires thinking and mental tracking. We add one more element to this exercise. Instead of counting verbally for one minute we ask that the counting be done visually. To keep track, the numbers must be pictured in the mind at the speed the Qball is being bounced. It’s not easy at first, but mastering this skill improves visual thinking, imagination and memory. The faster the bounces, the faster one must create visual images of numbers in the mind. It is a powerful exercise with many benefits.

Improve your visual thinking. Buy the Qball today and try the exercises. It is fun, easy and leads to real results quickly.