Use at own risk. User assumes all risk of injury and all liability resulting from the use of this product. The Qball can bounce vigorously and erratically when thrown with force. The user should take care to use this product in a safe environment away from dangerous or breakable objects and with enough room to use the product safely. Do not use this product in a wet or slippery environment. The user should ensure good footing before using this product. Children must be supervised by an adult. Under no circumstances shall Qare Ltd., or its employees, associates or affiliates, be held responsible for any damages suffered, including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages, medical expenses, temporary or permanent injuries suffered as a result of the use of this product.

Qballs are made of non toxic, non marking rubber.

Qballs are suitable for children 2 years of age and older when supervised by an adult.

Do not play with Qball in an area where there are moving vehicles or the chance of coming into contact with moving vehicles.

The Qball is an active product that depending on the nature of use may require safety equipment such as protective eye glasses, or body protection, when using it. People using the Qball must make their own assessment of the risk of injury and take note of the erratic bounce of the Qball along with its hard, solid rubber construction.

We encourage all users to use protective equipment when in doubt of whether or not an injury could occur. We encourage all parents of users under the age of 18 to require the use of protective equipment by minors.

The use of the Qball requires active visual tracking and as such should only be used by people with healthy functioning eyesight. If unsure, a Qball user should consult a physician or eye care specialist prior to use in order to make sure they are healthy enough to use it.