The development of Qball came from founder, Bobby Martyn’s desire to improve his own reaction speed and eye-hand coordination when playing tennis.  He was frustrated with his inability to see and react quickly, despite lots of practice and coaching. He needed something to train with to enhance his abilities. Reaction balls, swing aids, prism glasses, you name it, he tried it. Nothing seemed to work.

So he put together a team of experts consisting of athletes, coaches, trainers and psychologists to analyze brain processing speed and the unique training techniques top athletes use to excel in their respective sports. He examined the vision training used by Steph Curry of the NBA. He tested the eye-hand coordination drills used by Drew Breese of the NFL. The most in depth study came through breaking down the secret techniques of professional tennis players like Andy Murray, Roger Federer and others. He discovered through this process that there was nothing on the market or in books that trained the circuitry between the eyes, brain and body fast and efficiently.

Thus, the Qball was born. No two bounces are the same, which forces athletes to watch and react to each and every bounce. It’s moderately erratic enough so it can be bounced very fast repeatedly, without athletes having to move their feet. This focuses training on vision, eye-hand coordination and attention systems. He found that by isolating these areas of brain function, the physical areas could be developed much faster. The eyes and brain control our movements, not the other way around.

As a result of his research and development, athletes became better at automating everything from how they saw objects, to their mental attention system, to their ability to move and hit every shot. Furthermore, vision therapists now use Qball as a cost effective tool to help people overcome lazy eye, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, dyslexia and others vision deficiencies. Plus, with numbers on the ball, parents and teachers use Qball to teach math skills. With all these benefits and uses, see what Q can do for you!