5 Ways to Challenge Yourself With the Qball

Here are 5 easy ways to challenge yourself with the Qball and take your training and skills to an all-new level:


  1. Speed: The Qball uses speed to challenge an individual and enhance their hand-eye coordination, focus and reaction times. Every person has their own individual speed limit, however as you begin playing with the Qball and improving you will notice that your speed limit will begin to increase. An easy way to monitor this is to count how many times you can bounce the Qball in the span of a minute and watch as this number begins to rise the more you play with the Qball.


  1. Play to the best of your ability: The Qball allows you to control the level of difficulty and rate of progression, but the only way you will get better is to consistently play to the best of your abilities. The more you challenge and push yourself the faster you will improve and notice enhanced motor coordination and reflexes. To play to the best of your abilities your mind must be fully engaged and absorbed in the task at hand.


  1. Activate numerous brain areas: The Qball is unique compared to most reaction balls because it is capable of activating numerous brain areas and exercising the brain and body simultaneously. Each side of the Qball is imprinted with a different number, so to make the Qball more challenging individuals can engage in numerous mathematical and memory games while they are improving their coordination, focus and reflexes.


  1. Competition: To make playing with the Qball more exciting and challenging try engaging in friendly competitions with friends and family members. See who can bounce the Qball faster or who can memorize a longer sequence of numbers. Or show off your adding or multiplication skills by challenging others to a duel. For a full list of games and challenges visit qballextreme.com.


  1. Grab another Qball: Once you have mastered playing with one Qball it’s time to add more into the mix. Try bouncing one Qball in each hand and slowly work up in speed. Or to make it even more difficult you can try alternating hands while bouncing the Qballs. You’ll begin to notice your coordination and reflexes increase dramatically. Bouncing two balls on either side of you also forces you to exercise your peripheral vision.

The only way to progress in any sport is to be continually challenging oneself, pushing the limits and putting in the training time. As an individual improves with the Qball and their speed limit increases, so too will their reflexes, focus and coordination. These skills are directly transferable to nearly every sport, and can help anyone achieve their athletic aspirations.


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